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AsfJoin works like AsfBin, you can specify one or several files for joining. AsfJoin builds its own intermediate Asf file with all specified files. When you drag and drop this file to Explorer, AsfJoin will start AsfBin with some arguments and the job is done.To run AsfJoin, use "AsfJoin.exe" and don't forget a space on the end for direct launching from command line.You can run AsfJoin from the command line directly:c:\> AsfJoin -split=mp,wma,wmv,asf.avi -output=Join_Multi.aviThe following command can join all existing files in current directory:c:\>AsfJoinNote: To display the list of all existing files in the current directory, you can use the dir command:c:\> dirI would say, it's the most flexible of the bunch :-(1 - Add the support for WMV and ASF at last. At least for ASF, because I can't locate the binary file anywhere on the web. So I created a very easy build script for Windows XP, Vist, 2000 and 2003. Win9x doesn't have ASF.You can find the source code at %ASF_HOME%/bin/ and its license file at %ASF_HOME%/bin/ and it's associated doc files at %ASF_HOME%/bin/doc2 - fixed a problem with merge, by mixing the video attributes which was used previously with this new code.3 - It looks like it doesn't support WMV2 or WMV3. This is because I haven't found any binary files for Windows 2000 or Vista.4 - It looks like it doesn't support WMV AAC or MP3.5 - I think I first tried to create an embeded executable using ASF binary files, but it didn't work, so I decided to rely only on the command-line interface to launch ASFBin.6 - I added the option for forcing no audio output, to avoid any choice dialog.7 - I modified the code to support splitting, preserving the attributes, tags and tags. In fact, I added a new parameter :-split which is the name of the folder for the resulting new files.8 - I optimized the code, by using moveFile() as much as possible. 08929e5ed8

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